Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Tree hunting

This is my Thanksgiving table.  Nothing too ornate, nice china, ivory table cloth with silver and gold accents, and of course tangerine childrens' cups!  The centerpieces were....
Alstroemeria in clear glass jars.  I'm sure that comes as a surprise to a few people, but sometimes simple is best.  I did 5 jars running the length of the table.  Just a small touch to enhance the table without taking away from the focus... eating and conversation!  Like the jars?  They're glass spice rack jars sans lids....literally a last minute what-do-I-have-multiples-of-for-the-table.  See, Alstroemeria IS pretty! 

That weekend found us at one of the local tree farm's in Frederick County, Clouse's Pine Hill Tree Farm.

We didn't cut the biggest tree on the lot, but if left up to my kids' decision, it would've been one of the 10' tall varieties.  If you've never gone to cut down your own tree it's a fun family experience.  It doesn't take long to cut the tree and they supply carts to wheel it back up to the shed for measurement and loading.  If you are looking for a tree to plant after the holidays are over they have the equipment ready for digging!  Don't feel like visiting the farm, they have a tree lot in town. 
All of our winter greenery for the flower shop is cut locally as well, ensuring that all your centerpieces are made with the freshest greenery for the longest lasting arrangements.  We've done this for several years now and have seen a dramatic difference in the longevity of local greenery versus greenery shipped in from out of state.  Buying Local yields better results.  :)

Friday, November 9, 2012


EEEeeeek! Thanksgiving is 13 DAYS AWAY!!!!  It's amazing how time flies.  Throughout the retail industry Thanksgiving seems to be left behind and the focus is more on Black Friday and Christmas.  Although those are important in their own right, lets take a break from present-pressure and relax and enjoy Thanksgiving!  It's supposed to be a holiday about celebrating those close to you, whether they be friends or family.  Take a deep breath, unplug yourself for a little while.  Shopping can wait, your To-Do's  can be put off another day.  Enjoy the people most important.  Face to face or over the phone. (Literally over the phone, texting doesn't count!) 
You may wonder why, a retail florist, would seem to dissuade you from shopping.  It's simple really, the holiday season becomes such a crushing weight of burden, of shopping, lists, too many demands and too little time that I see more and more customers overwhelmed and not truly enjoying themselves.  Do I want you to shop local ? Of course.  But more importantly I want everyone to slow down.  Life is precious and can be cut short in an instant. 
Being in the retail industry, Most retail workers see upwards of 80+ hour work weeks preceding the holidays.  The best part of Thanksgiving is when we close the shop and I can spend those precious moments with my family.   When I finally get to "slow down" and enjoy the holiday how it was meant to be enjoyed.  And be Thankful that I have so many great people in my life. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

When a floral designer marries...Part 1

I recently remarried in August and deciding on flowers for my OWN event was even more stressful then planning my client's weddings.  Why?  Because I knew the expectation for the wedding flowers was pretty big.   For example, If you went to Betty Crocker's house for dinner and she cooked a bad meal, you wouldn't be real impressed now would you?  I had plenty of color and flower choices at my fingertips, but it was hard to narrow down my decision.  I love ALL colors  and pretty much any flower.  The other factor? I didn't want to work myself to death for a small wedding just to impress people but still wanted things to have my style and be beautiful.  After I got my dress, and the wedding was booked for the beautiful George Washington Hotel, going vintage seemed to make sense.
I chose to go bold and dark.  The roses in my bouquet are actually "Black Magic"...a very dark velveety maroon rose...(this is why a good photographer is a MUST)  Julie (Julie Napear Photography) was able to bring all the subtle colors of my bouquet into sharp focus.  Dark red Dahlias, dark purple mini callas, dark red Ti leaves, red Leucadendron foliage, red Kangaroo Paw, chocolate cosmos and accents of Lavender (herb) are all beautifully captured. ( All photos in this blog are courtesy of Julie Napear Photography www.jsnphoto.com)
I wanted interest in the boutonnieres so I covered cardboard with fabric, wrapped with silver bouillion and added the red mokara orchids. 
I love simple, clean lines and high drama.  This is the lobby piece.  The lobby in the GW hotel is HUGE with high ceilings and marble.  Dark purple callas form a grid over "Black Magic" roses. 
Simple and funky for my sister-in-law who's still in high school.  Red aluminium wire, red glitter accents and white dendrobium orchids.  The wire is very flexible and can be bent around any size wrist...and it's alot prettier than the standard elastic wristband!