Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Florists' Holiday Wish List

The inspiration for today's quick blog is from my own experiences in my flower shop.  So many times when I am waiting on a customer, they will remark that I must be hard to shop for.  Being a floral designer, my husband can't simply send/bring me flowers for my birthday or any other special occasion.  So what do I want instead?  

Beyond my normal response to my customers ("Wine, chocolate & jewelry- ha ha") there are things that I especially crave after a long brutal holiday:

1. Shoes with additional supportive inserts that don't look like crocs.  Skechers tends to make more trendy work shoes, some even with non-skid soles. 

2. Hand lotion/repair cream. The good stuff.  Even as I type this my hands are already the texture of fine grit sandpaper.  Shaping Christmas trees made from various PVC is extremely rough on one's hands. Cold, dry weather and constantly dealing with water are also big factors.   Pine sap is SO HARD to get off completely that I give up halfway to Christmas and deal with "pitch hands"...black smudged, sticky, and pine-fresh smelling.  

3. Massage Therapy.  Enough said. 

4. A clean car.  Vacuumed especially.  I never have time for this between business and kids and sports so it is especially appreciated. 

5. Dinner out.  Anywhere.  A few years ago we had dinner at Burger King on Valentine's Day because the restaurants were absolute madness and I was too exhausted to cook and he was working late.  I honestly was so happy to sit down to eat my food instead of over my design table that it was great. 

I'm sure I could think of a few other items but this is the top of my list.  :)